Coca-Cola Bottling Company UNITED, Inc. Careers

Since 1902, Coca-Cola UNITED has benefited from the skills and commitment of exceptional people. Today, as always, we seek the best talent to build on our success story. Under the guidance of our Core Values – Quality, Excellence, Integrity and Respect, we take great pride in providing our customers and consumers with the highest quality products and service.

A career with Coca-Cola UNITED is more than just a job. We are committed to offering a supportive work environment and culture with great benefits, competitive salaries, and an open-door management philosophy, an employee newsletter, community events, and Employee Appreciation Activities. We are committed to creating and sustaining a work environment and company culture, where all employees of our diverse workforce can perform at their very best.

Our secret ingredient IS our employees. If you are interested in employment with Coca-Cola UNITED, please read the directions below.  Applications for available positions must be completed at the local Sales Center.  Specific hours may apply.  Please call the location to confirm when applications can be completed on-site.

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If you …

  1. have called the Job Line (888-838-2653) to review open positions, and,
  2. know the exact open position for which you would like to apply, please read below:
  • Find the email address below for the location with the open position
  • In the “Subject” line of your email, please type the exact name of the open position 
  • Attach your resume which includes applicant’s full name, preferred phone number, and current address

Applications must be completed at the bottler location during specific hours, unless otherwise instructed by the local bottler.


Alabama: Taraysa Smith Taraysa Smith Taraysa Smith Taraysa Smith Karen Bianco, Nona Hodnett James Trammell, Nikki Bibb James Trammell, Nikki Bibb Taraysa Smith James Trammell, Nikki Bibb

Georgia: Bill Barton, Judy Bush Elizabeth Napolitano, Bill Barton Elizabeth Napolitano, Bill Barton Bill Barton, Judy Bush Elizabeth Napolitano, Bill Barton Bill Barton, Judy Bush Judy Bush, Bill Barton Elizabeth Napolitano, Bill Barton James Trammell, Nikki Bibb


Florida: Janice Grigsby Janice Grigsby

Mississippi: Yadira Ross, Brandy Pierson Yadira Ross, Carolyn Varnell Yadira Ross, Samantha Byrd


Tennessee: Nona Hodnett, Karen Bianco


Louisiana: Hope Zettlemoyer, Kimberly Guy Amber LeBlanc Pamela Harrington