Image Requirements for Digital Capabilities Needs form

Image requirements: 

CLEAR:  300 ppi (high quality & excellence – not “fuzzy”).  Must be original .jpg or .png files.  Images extracted from presentations are always unacceptable.

FUN and/or meaningful:  Images should represent the story submitted or local bottler and can contain, but not limited to: Smiling associates; representation of our diverse teams; events/engagement with excellent Coca-Cola activation; products; promotions (POS); partner representation (logos/identification on banners, apparel, etc.), etc.  NO CHILDREN, unless they are children of our associates. Group shots are best.

Image Dimensions:

Banners: image along the top of web pages (not blogs).  Dimensions:  1300 x 300 ppi. Digital image dimensions are varied and typically do not align with paper sizes (i.e. “letter”, “legal”, etc.).  A comparable size/look would be 13″w x 3″h. If an image is cropped to the appropriate size and isn’t a good representation, we’ll ask for other options.

Blog Images: any size as long as it follows the “Image Requirements” above