Coca-Cola Calorie Balance Infographic


Whats Weighing Us Down - Calorie ImbalanceAs you know, obesity is an issue that affects all of us. At Coca-Cola, we believe we can help solve it by working together. As you heard back in January, we are committed to doing our part – by offering more low/no-calorie choices, more portion controlled packages, and useful calorie balance information in more places than ever before. 

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide more information about calories, we want to share a new “Calorie Balance” infographic that we created. This is posted on our Company website just click here. Our infographic is a simple, easy tool that informs people about where Americans’ calories are coming from and what we can all do to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. It communicates government data and third-party published studies in a compelling way, showing that too many calories consumed as compared to those expended can lead to weight gain.