Share a Coca-Cola Campaign . . . is that my name on there?


Share a Coke! Coca-Cola personalizes 800 million bottle labels

Share a Coke with ...


The largest personalized brand campaign for Coca-Cola in Europe, Share a Coca-Cola uses variable-data printing to create 800 million custom labels.

Coca-Cola has invited customers in 32 European countries to Share A Coca-Cola, by addressing them personally on-pack. In the largest job on record for HP Indigo WS6000 series digital presses from HP,<> starting in January 2013, eight label converters across Europe, running 12 digital presses for three months, 24 hours a day, produced nearly 800 million personalized bottle labels for the campaign, using more than 10,000 names, in more than 10 languages and five alphabets.

Supported by a fully integrated marketing program to connect consumers online, the “Share a Coca-Cola” campaign launched in May and substitutes the iconic brand logo on bottles of Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola light, and Coca-Cola Zero with 150 of the most popular first names, nicknames, and terms of affection from each country. While the promotion was originally scheduled to run four to five months, some countries sought extensions of the highly popular promotion.