Evergreen Coca-Cola gets refreshed!

Our new Evergreen home

Coca-Cola UNITED strives to be the most responsible corporate citizen in our communities and the best place to work for each of our associates.  As a part of the Coca-Cola UNITED Family since November of 2014, Evergreen Coca-Cola employees were recipients of this UNITED standard when the 7,791 sq. ft. AAA Cooper building was purchased and renovated in 2015.

Evergreen, Renovation, Coca-Cola

The purchase and renovation tallied up to an investment of approximately $2,000,000.   Included in the renovation were structural changes allowing for an improved method of receiving and distributing refreshing Coca-Cola products to our customers in Evergreen.  The warehouse portion of the building was converted to become a 10 bay cross dock facility.

Warehouse, Evergreen, Coca-Cola, Crossdock     Warehouse, Evergreen, Coca-Cola, Crossdock

In September of 2015, nineteen Evergreen Coca-Cola employees had moved from their old facility, just “down the road,” to their new Coca-Cola home.  Royce Bass, Key Account Manager, Evergreen Coca-Cola had this to say about the move …

“From our old office to our brand new Coca-Cola home, we have been serving customers, consumers and communities in Evergreen for 15 years.  In 2015 the Evergreen Coca-Cola team got something to be so proud of, a new home with a name.  We do want to say it loud and proud … Evergreen Coca-Cola Bottling Company, a part of the Coca-Cola UNITED Family.”  – Royce Bass