I want to help! UNITED Associate Relief in southern Louisiana

Coca-Cola UNITED has established 2 ways you can be a part of  the UNITED Associate Relief efforts …


UNITED Relief Efforts_2 Ways to Help_081716_FINAL



John Sherman, CEO, Coca-Cola UNITED shares updates on our UNITED Family members after southern Louisiana flooding and thanks for the tremendous efforts over the past 72 hours …



I must begin by thanking all my UNITED colleagues who’ve played a part in the progress we’ve made during the past 72 hours in South Louisiana. All our facilities are open and operating, although significantly impacted by customers and associates who’ve been affected by the flood or communities that remain inaccessible. The fighting spirit of our UNITED team continues to amaze me and I’m grateful for the many volunteers who’ve left their families and are sleeping in the Baton Rouge facility simply to help restore our operations.”

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