Marietta Coca-Cola receives the “Heart of Ambassador” Award

June marked the first Coca-Cola “Heart of Ambassador” team award, won this year by Marietta Coca-Cola Production, Marietta, Georgia, a production center of Coca-Cola Bottling Company UNITED, Inc.

While most of us can’t imagine going a year without some type of accident — a slip, fall or a minor traffic mishap, on April 12 …

Marietta Coca-Cola Production celebrated a decade without a single accident or incident resulting in associate absence. 

This is the first plant in our system to reach such a milestone.

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Compared to industry averages, the achievement is even more noteworthy: the average accident/injury rate in manufacturing plants is approximately 10 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

“We know it is possible to go for long periods of time without an incident, but it requires focus every single day and that’s what we strive for: committing to quality and safety, every single day,” said Aaron Fitchett, Marietta Plant Manager. “Our team comes to work every day focused on the details, and that delivers results.”

Coca-Cola UNITED has an enduring commitment to the safety of our associates. Our Occupational Safety and Health Policy provides clear directives that the leadership team supports.

The Marietta Plant’s milestone proves what is possible. The team wears a 10-year recognition as a badge of pride and works closely with other plants to share their experiences so our entire system can follow their example.