Alabama PALS Teams Up with Coca-Cola UNITED for a Cleaner Cahaba

Alabama People Against A Littered State (ALPALS) is dedicated to keeping Alabama beautiful by sponsoring programs that motivate people to clean up litter in our state’s streets, bodies of water, school campuses, and coastlines. During the week of April 21-28, 2018, ALPALS carried out a state-wide cleanup initiative in multiple communities around the state. One of those cleanups occurred in Birmingham’s own Cahaba River.

UNITED Birmingham family volunteers excited to get on the water to pull out floating debris for the PALS cleanup on the Cahaba River.

ALPALS has joined forces with counties, cities, communities, schools, and more to enhance the Alabama environment by preventing further littering and encouraging people to respect and love our state by picking up litter.  Alabama PALS has implemented many successful statewide anti-litter programs since 1987 that have kept Alabama truly beautiful.

Retrieving plastic bottles from stream banks and log jams on the river cleanup is rewarding work.

ALPALS invites all interested groups and individuals to join their mission to keep Alabama looking its best. There are many ways to make a difference – and both Coca-Cola UNITED and ALPALS are dedicated to doing just that.

Excited volunteers are proud of their haul rescuing bottles and cans for recycling, and separating recyclables from litter into the Coca-Cola recycling bags for a cleaner Cahaba River.

Coca-Cola UNITED is proud to join up with amazing organizations like ALPALS. Keep Alabama beautiful!