An Original in Marietta: Chainsaw Sculptor and His 6-foot Coca-Cola Bottle of Wood

arietta-Coca-Cola, hand-carved wood iconic Coca-Cola Bottle, Brian Ruth, MDJ
Photo: Marietta Daily Journal; original article by Jon Gargis, MDJ

A new addition adorns the Marietta Coca-Cola facility (Marietta, GA) located at Cobb Parkway and Industrial Park Drive.

What was a “stump of a chopped-down rock maple” at the front of our facility is a magnificent and original 9-foot-tall piece of art by craftsman, Brian Ruth of Hudson, Florida, a professional chainsaw sculptor.  By hand and multiple artisan tools (varied chainsaws), Ruth transformed the stump of rock maple wood into a shapely 6-foot Coca-Cola bottle of wood.

Sculpting began on a day of drizzle and rain.  He continued his throughout the continuous drizzle and rain.  The next day, the iconic bottle was ready for the traditional red label to be painted.  Later, he meticulously cut out the flowing curves of the Coca-Cola script with a chainsaw. The final step of painting the recessed Coca-Cola script was completed the same day. The bottle (of wood) will remain in it’s natural rock maple coloring.

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