Niceville High School Pole Vaulters Wins $10,000 in the Powerade Power Your School competition!

Valparaiso Coca-Cola representatives Ed Hall, Amy Dean, Joe Bridges, Darrell Dill, and Jeannie Williams had the honor of awarding a $10,000 check to Niceville High School Pole Vaulters as the winner of the POWERADE™ “Power Your School” program.

Niceville High School, Powerade Power Your School program

“We’re proud of our long time relationship and support of Niceville High School. It was such an honor to recognize them winners and present the $10,000 check for winning the  POWERADE™ Power Your School competition.  This program is only two years old, and we know the award will help enhance the program and provide more opportunities for the athletes and school. The diligence, creativity and passion of these athletes for their sport is inspiring.” said Ed Hall, Sales Center Manager, Valparaiso Coca-Cola.

POWERADE™ ‘Power Your School’ Campaign 
Local Coca-Cola bottlers, along with The Coca-Cola Company and brand POWERADE™, offers an opportunity for local schools to showcase excellence and win funds targeted to expand opportunities and enhance programs. Through the annual POWERADE™ “Power Your School” program, participating schools can provide either an essay or video submission explaining “Why “our school” needs funding and, if they won, how the funds would be utilized.

Jeannie Williams is located at Valparaiso Coca-Cola, the local bottler within the Coca-Cola UNITED family of bottlers.  Jeannie is the Business Development Manager for the Sun Coast Division, who works with specific customers to identify and/or expand opportunities that strengthen business, as well as connect with consumers and communities through innovative programs. 

Jeannie first presented the POWERADE™ “Power Your School” program to the Okaloosa County School Board to hopes that all high schools in the local area would give it a try. 

“I began working with Niceville High School, as well as other local schools,” says Jeannie.  “To inspire participation in the “Power Your School” program, we provided banners, pole signs and posters and hung them up in schools and cafeterias.”

Nancy Babin’s son Koby, is on the Pole vaulting team and, with great enthusiasm toward the opportunity, she contacted me to find out more.  Nancy orchestrated the creation of the video with athletes, students and even inspired recent alumni, such as Kenny Manuel and his friend who contributed over 60 hours, to combine efforts. 

All videos submitted are considered with regard to school need, creativity, and quality of submission.

It was one of the highlights of my career when we presented the Niceville High School Pole Vaulting team a check for $10,000.  We are looking forward to providing this opportunity to schools again next year, which gives students a platform to exhibit award winning passion, initiative, and creativity.

Check out their award winning video!