“Caught in the Act” in Alexandria

“Caught In The Act” is a local employee recognition program where we recognize those who exhibit our company’s Core Values (Quality, Excellence, Integrity, and Respect) through work and their volunteerism in the community.

Congratulations to our great people in Alexandria “caught in the act” doing good things, setting good examples, improving and making a positive difference and inspiring others. 

Jared Wiggins, a local Area Manager has been employed at Coca Cola for 18 years helped to lead a team of employees along with their families in a partnership with Kroger to help pack mission boxes at the local food bank. The local food bank serves about 23, 400 people monthly and has distributed more than 6.9 million pounds of food products.

Gary Silas Equipment Services

Gary Silas is an Equipment Service technician who has been with the company six months and was nominated by his supervisor Damien Beckford for showing astronomical improvement within his role with the Equipment Services Department. He also was recently also instrumental in providing aid to a colleague during a medical emergency. Gary remains very excited about his position with the company and continues to absorb knowledge and experiences very quickly.

Dawn Scallan Warehouse

Dawn Scallan is a warehouse employee who as been with the company a little over a year was nominated by her supervisor Brandon Wilkinson for taking ownership of auditing the eye wash stations and fire extinguishers on a monthly basis. Dawn takes the initiative and executes this task because she feels Safety is First!

Vice Edwards Equipment Service Shop Technician

Stuart Vince Edwards is an equipment service shop technician who has been with the company 22 years. Vince has continually helped in taking the department to noticeably higher heights by performing at an All-Pro level in making sure that both he and the team meet the expected requirements. He comes into to work early, and often stays late to complete his assigned duties. All this along with maintaining a solid line of communication with the Alexandria Sales Team.

Tracy Rachal Sales Supervisor

Tracy Rachal a sales supervisor who has been with the company for a year and was nominated by her manager Joe Ortega for her actions in the market. Tracy went out of her way to assist a shopper in Harvest Foods that expressed some difficulty shopping due to a medical condition. When Tracy was approached by this customer for assistance, without hesitation Tracy assisted this customer in completing her shopping. The customer noticed that Tracy was in the company of her leaders and this customer then expressed to them just how much it meant to her that she was able to take the time to help. Tracy’s passion for people and her willingness to help a customer in need is why I would like to nominate her for Caught in the Act.

Jacob Roy Driver

Jacob Roy has been a driver here for 15 years was nominated by the Sales Center Manager Mark Cowart for helping a customer at a local Walmart as he made his delivery.  A customer who was shopping at the store called to brag about how Jacob had an extremely great attitude about lifting some cases into her car for her. The customer expressed her gratitude and stated that Jacob left a great impression on her and we should be very proud to have him as an employee.