Coca-Cola Partners with Netflix’s Stranger Things for 1980s Nostalgia

In a new ad directed by the Duffer Brothers, characters from Stranger Things enjoy New Coke at the movies. (Photo from

1985 was a special and transformative year for the Coca-Cola Company. As it happens, it was also a transformative year for the characters of Netflix’s thrilling drama series and popular sensation, Stranger Things.

And what better way to celebrate than with an epic collaboration?

A Bit of Coca-Cola History

On April 23, 1985, Coca-Cola was forever changed. This was the day that the company announced the reformulation of the iconic flavoring that was Coca-Cola, introducing “New Coke.”

What the company intended as a way to reinvigorate a product that hadn’t been changed in its 99 years of existence, consumers took as blasphemy. And after such pushback from loyal consumers, Coca-Cola returned to its original formula just 79 days after the announcement of New Coke.

The decision to create New Coke was a last ditch effort to save the Coca-Cola Company, whose stocks had been slowly declining for 15 years straight. The cola market more broadly was not doing well, so the company did have good reason to worry.

But instead of accepting its fate, Coca-Cola took a huge risk to save their beloved pop from extinction, and while the response to New Coke was opposite of expected, it paved the way for a renewed love of Coca-Cola classic, and the brand has been thriving ever since.

Coke and Stranger Things: The Partnership

The popular Netflix series, Stranger Things, takes place in the 1980s, and the third season is set in 1985 more specifically. Because of this, Netflix approached Coca-Cola about a partnership that would highlight the legacy of New Coke’s short lived infamy.

And Coca-Cola agreed! The collaboration would be two fold: Stranger Things would feature imagery of New Coke on their new season, and Coca-Cola company would recreate the New Coke formula to sell for a limited time.

Not long after, the executives of Stranger Things flocked to the Coca-Cola archives in Atlanta to learn more about the packaging, advertising, and other aspects of the New Coke rollout. The Stranger Things execs wanted to make sure that they portrayed the time period as accurately as possible, from the props to the script.

And for our part, Coca-Cola is selling limited edition Stranger Things Coke and Coke Zero in glass bottles and cans. They are available online, through themed pop-up machines around the U.S., and as a giveaway prize for purchasing a gift or ticket at the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta. There will be 500,000 New Coke cans, but they’re expected to be snagged quickly!

Get Your Hands on Some Stranger Things Coke

While your local Coca-Cola UNITED family of bottlers will not be making this strange and nostalgic beverage available in local stores, they will still be delivering over 750 refreshing beverage options to enjoy.

To grab yours while supplies last, Coca-Cola is making this 1985 throwback available for online ordering at