Coca-Cola UNITED Alexandria Partners with City for 2019 Revitalization

The Alexandria United Revitalization 2019 Team

Coca-Cola UNITED loves to be a part of the local community! The Alexandria Sales Center has partnered with the city of Alexandria for the 14th year in an effort to revitalize the Sonja Quarter Community, led by the former City Councilman Roosevelt Johnson.

James Gentry Riding Around Keeping Everyone Hydrated!

Coca-Cola UNITED Alexandria: Supporting the Community

Coca-Cola has been a great partner for this endeavor by not only providing manpower from employees and their families, but also providing drinks to help all volunteers stay hydrated during the event. We have about 20-25 employees who faithfully volunteer each year from various departments, and we take pride in our people for their hard work and dedication!

The Alexandria United Revitalization 2019—Ready to clean!

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

During this event, the entire group of volunteers from various local businesses split into five teams to clean an entire neighborhood. The event lasts approximately 3 hours and each year Coca Cola has been a part of this great effort. We take great pride in this event as well as our community.

The Alexandria Team Cleaning in Action!

The local residents are very grateful and show their gratitude by keeping the neighborhood clean. Great community involvement, Alexandria! That’s the UNITED way!