Donation to Escambia Search and Rescue ahead of Storm Threat

Pensacola Team dropping of Dasani donation

Pensacola Proactive – Hurricane Dorian

Since we cannot underestimate the power of storms, the key is to prepare ahead of time. In an effort to support the community in getting ready, Pensacola Coca-Cola Bottling Company UNITED donated cases of Dasani water for local Escambia Search and Rescue (ESAR) crew to utilize during their operational readiness efforts.

EASR helping to unload

ESAR, run by Director Clint Retherford, is a community funded all-volunteer (including canine) nonprofit organization that responds to numerous circumstances throughout the area including lost children, missing hunters, drowning victims, overdue boats, and natural disasters.  Members are trained in search and rescue techniques to provide land, water and canine rescue services.

Working to support the community

We know our local emergency teams work hard to keep us safe and we appreciate the sacrifices they make for our community!