Taking “Share a Coke” To The Next Level

Jason Lambert with Joyce Beasley holding her personalized glass bottle
Jason Lambert, On Premise Area Manager with Joyce Beasley, holding her personalized bottle

Joyce Beasley has been around Coca-Cola products since she was a little girl.  Her father-in-law also drove the first Coca-Cola truck in Macon, Georgia.  Some of the magic he felt making those deliveries must have rubbed off on Joyce, because she has been delivering Cokes herself for the past eight years!  Joyce doesn’t drive a truck, but she hand delivers an ice cold Coca-Cola to her mailman every single mail delivery day.  She also delivers them to her city service workers every week, rain, shine, sleet or snow!

From left: Robin Nelson, Macon Sales Center Manager, Joyce Beasley and Jason Lambert

Ironically, Joyce can’t drink a regular Coca-Cola herself due to severe diabetes, but that doesn’t stop her from sharing her love of Coca-Cola with others.  “There’s nothing like a cold Coke, especially with the jobs they do,’’ she said.  Joyce began her deliveries in the summer of 2012, due to consecutive days of record-high temperatures.  “The Lord laid on my heart that the least I could do was give them something cold to drink.’’

Eddie Cummins with Joyce Beasley
Eddie Cummins, Manager Sales Operations Large Store with Joyce Beasley

When Macon Coca-Cola UNITED heard about Joyce, they had to meet her.  She and her family were invited to the plant for a VIP tour, but that wasn’t all they had in store for this amazing lady!  Joyce had a little surprise of her own for the Macon Coca-Cola facility.  When Joyce visited for the tour, she brought with her a special award that her father-in-law had won many years ago. She donated this bowl to the Macon sales center – and we feel honored!

Antique Coca-Cola bowl
Bowl awarded to Joyce’s father-in-law, which she donated to the Macon Coca-Cola facility.


Later in December, with the help of her daughter, representatives from Macon Coca-Cola UNITED surprised Joyce at her house with a holiday gift basket and 8 oz custom holiday glass bottles of Coca-Cola, imprinted with Joyce’s name, her daughter’s name, and her family’s name, right before Christmas.  People like Joyce are the best ambassadors Coca-Cola could ever have.  She inspires us to be our best selves, care about others and find a way to show that to them.  Joyce Beasley chooses Coca-Cola to do that.  What will you choose?

The gift basket Joyce received with her personalized glass bottles