John Sherman and UNITED Awarded for Training Services by the Red Cross

President and CEO John Sherman, III visits the employees in Birmingham’s Coca-Cola bottling facility. Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

Recently, John Sherman and Coca-Cola UNITED were featured in an article by Bham Now because the American Red Cross honored John Sherman for the incident training UNITED employees receive in partnership with the American Red Cross.

Without safety preparation, working in a bottling facility could be dangerous. Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

For over 100 years, Coca-Cola UNITED and the American Red Cross have partnered together to provide each employee with safety preparation in case of an incident. No matter how many days have gone by without incident, preparation is key.

“Training and safety are very important to Coke UNITED. We have the ultimate goal of making sure each and every one of our 10,000 team members arrives home to their family in a safe manner.”

          – John H. Sherman, III, President & CEO, Coca-Cola Bottling Company UNITED

Since forklifts are inherently dangerous, Coca-Cola UNITED partners with the American Red Cross to train each employee on safety procedures. Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

The Red Cross provides on-site training for each employee at Coca-Cola UNITED in case of an incident. Whether its AED training, first aid, CPR or more, these skills are vital in the case of an unintended safety event.

In late 2018, the Category 5 Hurricane Michael struck the United States. Coca-Cola United’s Panama City and Bainbridge facilities were hit the hardest. In Panama City, over 90% of Coca-Cola United’s 90 team members had significant or total loss of their homes.  Luckily, the American Red Cross was first on the scene.

Devastation in the Coca-Cola UNITED Panama City facility in 2018. Photo via American Red Cross via Bham Now

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