UNITED Honors our Military and Veterans

On Veterans Day each year, it is our tradition – and a very important one – to recognize the many veterans and military among our UNITED family, and across the nation.

This year, we recognize and celebrate the approximately 700 veterans who are part of our Coca-Cola UNITED family. What a wonderful honor to have so many men and women who are true examples of courage, commitment and service to our country on OUR team. They, along with all other United States veterans, deserve our gratitude and honor every day, not only this Veterans Day for the tremendous sacrifices they made for our freedom.

Across our southeastern states territory, at our local bottler, production and other facilities, a custom medallion is given to honor each one of our associates who serve or have served our country to protect the liberties and land we enjoy every day.

Please express your appreciation to these amazing individuals for their service; ask them about their experience and let them share their story.

Thank you, and may God Bless America!