UNITED Named Beverage Industry’s 2021 Bottler of the Year

From left: Crawford Jones, East Region VP; Billy Johnson, Director of Warehouse Operations; Victor Ragland, Atlanta Division Director; Mike Suco, Senior VP and CCO; John Sherman, President and CEO; Abby Whitmire, Director, Public Affairs and Communications; Grant Rafield, Director of Lifecycle Innovation and Demand Planning

Beverage Industry Magazine announced today that Coca-Cola UNITED is their 2021 Bottler of the Year.

“With a rich history, commitment to teamwork and its stakeholders, and a nearly $300 million investment in facilities, fleets and technology, Coca-Cola Bottling Co. UNITED, as an essential employer, also has demonstrated toughness, determination and resiliency during the global pandemic. This, as well as its dedication to its local communities and the diversity of beverages it distributes throughout the Southeast, is why Coca-Cola Bottling Co. UNITED has been named Beverage Industry’s 2021 Bottler of the Year.”

Part of John Sherman’s statement in the article reads:  “I feel very fortunate and grateful to be part of this great enterprise.  I’ve learned over the years that all Coke bottlers, while fundamentally serving the same purpose, are unique. This could be due to geography, market density or consumer differences. From Coke UNITED’s perspective, I believe our uniqueness begins with our culture and purpose. Coke UNITED exists and excels for the benefit of our associates, consumers, customers, communities and owners.”

“This order is deliberate because we deeply believe that if we invest and provide resources for our associates, our No. 1 priority, and treat them with respect and integrity, their quality and excellence every day will ultimately benefit all of our stakeholders and enable us to survive and thrive,” he continues. “Our culture is grounded on the belief that this is a local business based on relationships, service and community. This belief structure drives the way we are organized, where resources are invested and where decision rights rest in our organization. The closer the decision rights are to our local market, the better our decision will be.”

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