Employee Spotlight: Avery Smith, Division Key Account Developer – Tennessee Valley

In celebration of Black History Month Coca-Cola UNITED recognizes our many associates that encourage, enlighten and uplift in our company and the community. We champion these associates and want to share a few special stories during this month.  Cheers to our Coca-Cola UNITED Associates making a difference every day.

33+ years as a Coke man, I’ve learned a lot. My career began as a Relief Salesman/Utility, Routes Sales, and currently I’m the Divisional Key Account Developer (KAD) for the Value channel. I’ve have always felt valued and proud to be an employee of Coca-Cola UNITED in Chattanooga due to the reputation and respect the Chattanooga community has for our company.

I love working with the #1 brand (non alcoholic) that anyone can be proud of that sells itself.  I am very encouraged by the company acknowledging, accepting responsibilities, and addressing fairness and equality, and providing a better work environment/culture for all associates and believe the future of our company’s business will rely heavily on technology, innovations, and a strong workforce.

I have had the honor to serve on various organizational boards, committees, and in other supportive roles as a local Coca-Cola UNITED representative and have engaged in planning and strategizing with other business leaders, community leaders, City and County Officials.

As a child, I was taught “you’ll have to work twice as hard to get half as far”; as an adult, I’ve embraced the bible verse “Work as unto the Lord and not for Men” (Col.3:23); I contribute my success to a strong work ethic and positive attitude.

Lastly, our Chattanooga Sales Center relocated to the very community that I was born and raised. For me to serve as liaison for the same community leaders I grew up respecting has brought great joy for me and them.