Black History Month Wall Art: Baton Rouge Sales Center

Louis Allen currently works in the Print Shop for Baton Rouge Coca-Cola.  In his eight years in the print shop, he has produced hundreds of different banners with varying messages; however, it was something that he saw in an email from the Diversity and Inclusion Council that was the inspiration for his recent creation.  To help honor and celebrate Black History Month, the D&I Council created a tagline stating that Black History should be celebrated every month and not limited to just one month.  Louis saw this and was inspired to create a collage featuring inspirational black figures and words of inspiration.

Louis has been employed with Baton Rouge Coca-Cola for 15 years, and he loves it!  He enjoys the people he works with and always carries a positive attitude with him.  He takes his job and his work very seriously and describes is position in the Print Shop as “his dream job”.  His #1 objective in his role is “good quality work”, as he knows what he produces reflects himself and the company he works so hard to represent.  Treating others as you would like to be treated is a motto that he tries to live by and instill on those he works with and his family.  When asked what makes him so successful or what traits he wants known about himself, Louis described himself as having a “MacGyver-like” mentality to solving problems and won’t stop until he gets the job done.