Employee Spotlight: Roneisha Benton, Corporate Food Safety & Systems Manager, Birmingham, AL

In observance of Women’s History Month, Coca-Cola UNITED celebrates our associates who lead by extraordinary example.  We raise our Coca-Cola bottles to you all!  We are excited to spotlight a few of our talented associates throughout the month, and we are grateful for the contributions of our associates every day.

In August 2002, as a Biology major fresh out of college, I decided to apply for a Quality Assurance Lab Tech position at Birmingham Coca-Cola.  I was so excited when I received a call back that I was hired for my first job.  Little did I know I was not just being hired to do a job.  Instead, I had made a life changing move that was the beginning of building an 18-year (and counting) career with one of the best brands and companies in the world.

Throughout my career at Coca-Cola UNITED, I have worked in various quality and production roles within the Supply Chain.  In my current position as Corporate Food Safety & Systems Manager, I am afforded the opportunity to lead, develop and be a resource for food safety, quality and systems compliance throughout the company.  The most rewarding aspect of my position is being able to work with so many diverse people while learning about and contributing to the different facets of our business.  I find this most rewarding because in every aspect of my life (home, work, church and community) my goal is to be of service while empowering those around me.  I am a firm believer that success is more meaningful and impactful when shared and cultivated in others.  I am excited and inspired by the growing opportunities for women in various positions within Coca-Cola UNITED, especially in leadership.  It is a motivator that as women we can utilize our many attributes and skills to help contribute to the continued growth and forward movement of this company.

Women, let’s keep being trailblazers while at the same time never forgetting to pay it forward!