Coca-Cola UNITED Presents Wall of Diversity Tour

As part of Coca-Cola UNITED’s inaugural Diversity & Inclusion Week June 16-18, the company’s Diversity & Inclusion Council hosted a Wall of Diversity Tour with stops in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Montgomery, Alabama and Atlanta, Georgia.

At each tour stop, we asked associates what diversity, equity and inclusion means to them. See their answers below:

Cetan Benson of College Park Coca-Cola says his mother taught him to love everyone no matter who they are. “Inclusion is important for people from minority backgrounds to feel included. Equity makes people from minority backgrounds feel as if they have an equal opportunity to move up.”

Cetan Benson

Wesley Caine of Montgomery Coca-Cola believes diversity is understanding where other people come from. “Coke UNITED is like a family. Coke UNITED to me is home.”

Wesley Caine

Melonie Campbell of College Park Coca-Cola says diversity and equity means that everyone should have an equal opportunity to succeed. “Everyone’s perspective should be heard and differences should be valued. Don’t be afraid to be your true self.”

Melonie Campbell

Kirk Cheslack of College Park Coca-Cola  says diversity and inclusion starts with communication. “Communication is the best way to have a better understanding of where people are coming from. Be open-minded. It’s a big world out there and we should try to see and understand as much of it as we can.”

Kirk Cheslack

Tracey Dortch of Montgomery Coca-Cola says she was inspired as a little girl to be part of a diverse world and team after watching the old Coke commercial featuring people from all backgrounds singing, “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony …”

Tracey Dortch, pictured right

James Hall of College Park Coca-Cola, a proud retired Army veteran, agrees communication is key to understanding our fellow humans. “We all need to talk about our differences so that we will able to embrace each other and respect our differences.”

James Hall

Susie Landis of Atlanta South Metro Coca-Cola says if everyone treated people how they would want to be treated, the world would be a much better place. “You never know how you act toward someone will affect them. If someone is nice to me, I’m nice to them.”

Susie Landis