Mobile Coca-Cola Makes Holiday Donation to Local Children’s Home

Pictured, from left: Wilmer Hall Executive Assistant Margaret Scarborough, Wilmer Hall Executive Director Pratt Paterson, and Mobile Coca-Cola Special Events Coordinator Mike Mecom, Route Specialist Justin Morris and Administrator Tiffany Domagala.

Mobile Coca-Cola recently made a holiday donation to Wilmer Hall Children’s Home, a nonprofit faith-based organization that has been serving young people in need in Mobile since 1864. Wilmer Hall serves children and young adults through several programs that provide tutoring, on-campus living and other tools needed to succeed.

Mobile Coke employees donated three larges boxes of items, including toys, clothing and jewelry, and fulfilled 13 individual requests for the holidays. Additional donated items for the facility included linens, cleaning products, clothing hampers and kitchen essentials. A monetary donation was also made to Wilmer Hall for use as needed.