Coca-Cola UNITED Signs Agreement With U.S. Army to Recruit Soldiers After Military Service

Coca-Cola UNITED has signed an agreement with the U.S. Army Partnership for Your Success (PaYS) to strengthen its commitment to recruiting and hiring Army veterans, guardsmen, reservists, and their spouses.

On May 10, Coca-Cola UNITED and the U.S. Army signed a partnership agreement as part of the U.S. Army Partnership for Your Success (PaYS) program. Pictured, from left, James Trammell, Corporate Manager, Workforce Engagement, Coca-Cola UNITED; Major Morrecus Foster, Executive Officer of the Alabama Army National Guard’s 22nd Recruiting and Retention Battalion; Gianetta Jones, Coca-Cola UNITED Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer; Brigadier General Michael Izzo, Assistant Adjutant General of the Alabama Army National Guard; Mike Suco, Coca-Cola UNITED President and CEO; and Samuel Armstrong, Army PaYS.

Designed to help America’s youth prepare for a career after the military, Army PaYS connects soldiers with employers in the public and private sectors – guaranteeing them five job interviews from among a network of leading companies like Coca-Cola UNITED after they complete their service.

“Soldiers are highly desirable job candidates at Coca-Cola UNITED,” said Gianetta Jones, Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer. “No matter their rank, assignment or years of service, they come to us having already developed important soft skills. We can build on the outstanding training they have received in the military and help them adapt their skills into a fulfilling second career.”

Currently, there are more than 700 veterans working at Coca-Cola UNITED. The new agreement with Army PaYS is part of a larger hiring strategy aimed at recruiting veterans, guardsman and reservists from all branches of the military. The company also has active partnerships with Heroes Make America, Hiring Our Heroes, Next Ops, Skill Bridge, Warrior Alliance, Working for Warriors and Troops Into Transportation.

“When we hire a soldier, we gain an employee who shares our company’s values of Quality, Integrity, Excellence and Respect,” said Mike Suco, Coca-Cola UNITED President and CEO. “They are collaborative, team-oriented, dependable and professional. In short, they are outstanding associates.”

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