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Coke is (still) it … with consumers

  Marketers spend millions of dollars on logo design. We [Ad Age]  asked Morning Consult to find out whether consumers agree with their choices. But what happens if the best minds in…   Read More

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BRAND LAUNCHES TWO NEW DELICIOUS FLAVOR INNOVATIONS   Sprite® Cherry and Sprite Cherry Zero™ available now nationwide After a number of successful limited-time flavor innovations, Sprite® is adding two new cherry-flavored products…   Read More

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Celebrating USA’s Armed Forces

Beginning with the Coca-Cola 600, Coca-Cola kicked off a flurry of events that salute service and pay tribute to the nation’s Armed Forces members and the USO’s 75th anniversary (which also marks the…   Read More

NO RECALL on Dasani®

  NO RECALL ON DASANI WATER.   Various on-line “reports” of a water recall targeting our Dasani® brand are being circulated (“shared”) via social platforms, emails and even word-of-mouth.   The article, credited…   Read More

World’s Largest “Cheers” Record Set!

 Original article on Coca-Cola Journey By: Journey Staff UPDATE AS OF SEPT. 21, 2015:  Coca-Cola set a record for the “World’s Largest Cheers” last week through the creative use of the #ShareaCoke…   Read More

SURGE is BACK … and in STORES!

The ‘90’s are calling, and they want their favorite citrus-flavored soda back. “Once word got out that SURGE™ was back, consumers were buying it by the case and sometimes driving hundreds of…   Read More