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Who Was the Coca-Cola Sprite Boy? | HuffPost

  By Heather Taylor, Icon Researcher & Blogger at Advertising Week Source:  Huffington Post If you didn’t know any better, you might assume that Coca-Cola’s “Sprite Boy” was a brand mascot created for one of…   Read More

Coke is (still) it … with consumers

  Marketers spend millions of dollars on logo design. We [Ad Age]  asked Morning Consult to find out whether consumers agree with their choices. But what happens if the best minds in…   Read More

New Flavor, Sprite Cherry, Sprite Cherry Zero, decaffeinated,


BRAND LAUNCHES TWO NEW DELICIOUS FLAVOR INNOVATIONS   Sprite® Cherry and Sprite Cherry Zero™ available now nationwide After a number of successful limited-time flavor innovations, Sprite® is adding two new cherry-flavored products…   Read More