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executives with shovels

Tifton: Breaking Ground for Progress

Coca-Cola UNITED and Tifton community leaders came together on Friday, January 24, 2020 to break ground at the site on Lamb Loop Road and US Highway 41, of the new 300,000 square…   Read More

Thank you for giving, Panama City

Thank you for helping Panama City

Hurricane Michael is not quickly forgotten by those who through it.  Coca-Cola UNITED had some 3,000 associates along Hurricane Michael’s path, where they live, work and serve their communities each day. The devastation along…   Read More

A message from Claude Nielsen & John Sherman

2018 … Settling in and overcoming obstacles As we reflect on 2018, the first full year post transition, “settling in” as a “united” organization and overcoming several significant obstacles best sum up…   Read More