Blaine DePue


Blaine DePue

Office Manager

Originally from Athens, Ohio, he joined the United States Air Force in 1994. While serving this great nation, he performed duties as an F-16 “Fighting Falcon” Crew Chief, Tech School Instructor, and Flight Chief. Throughout his tenure, he acquired an Associate’s Degree in Instructor of Technology and Military Science from the Community College of the Air Force. He also earned another Associate’s Degree in Aviation Maintenance Technology from the Community College of the Air Force. While he was an instructor teaching the required skills to be an F-16 Crew Chief, he earned his Master Instructor Certificate.

After retiring from the United States Air Force in September 2014, he immediately began his next career working with Coca-Cola UNITED as a Warehouse Supervisor in Pensacola Florida. Shortly afterwards in March 2015, he began his current position as Office Manager in Valparaiso, Florida.

Blaine and his wife, Sara, have three children. Cody is currently serving the United States Air Force as a C-17 Loadmaster, Emilee is also serving the United States Air Force as a Force Management Personalist. Delaney is currently attending school at the North West Florida Ballet Academie in the 5th grade and plans to be a professional ballerina. His wife Sara is a professional photographer and when not photographing clients across the U.S., she enjoys the duties of a stay at home mom. Together, Blaine and Sara are very active in the community and enjoy spending time with their family.

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