In 1913, the family of T. H. Clark founded Milledgeville Coca-Cola Bottling Company.  In 1923, the company  moved to North Wayne Street in downtown Milledgeville, Georgia.

The late Maggie Head Clark, wife of T. H. Clark, willed the family business to her great nephew Henry Douglas Edwards, Jr. The Edwards family continued the operations of Milledgeville Coca-Cola Bottling Company for many years on North Wayne Street.   In 1973,  the company moved to 73 U.S. Highway 22 West where it is currently located.

In 2000, Milledgeville Coca-Cola Bottling Company became part of Coca-Cola Bottling Company United, Inc., headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama.

Milledgeville Coca-Cola and it’s 20+ employees are proud of our continued support of the many civic and charitable organizations serving our communities.