Historical letter dated December 11th, 1936, obtained from the Coca-Cola Archives in Atlanta, Georgia . . .


Mr . Harrison Jones ,
The Coca-Cola Company,
Atlanta,Georgia .

Dear Mr. Harrison:
Pensacola , Florida ,
December 11th, 1936 .

I duly received your form letter of November 28th in connection with our new Coca-Cola bottling plant , and I want to say that we are most happy in announcing that ·we have what we believe the finest and most practical as well as most beautiful Coca- Cola bottling plant in existence. I have been occupying this new plant since October 1st and , as you already know, I am now permanently located in Pensacola instead of Anniston.


Pensacola History


As yet we have not been able to complete our landscape work and , consequently, we have not had any real good pictures made .  I am enclosing herewith a photograph of the outside of our building as it is at present, but later on I will be delighted to send you a series of pictures , and I am sure the views will be a great deal more attractive than this photograph.

You also sent one of your letters to our Washington, Georgia, plant, and I am glad to report that we have completed a remodeling job of our old plant recently. Like Pensacola we have not as yet been able to landscape this new building and the type photographs which I am enclosing do not give an appearance which we hope to attain at a later date . This plant has been entirely equipped with new automatic bottling machinery.

In 1931 we completed a new standard bottling plant at Swainsboro , Georgia , and installed throughout new bottling machinery. I do not have a photograph of this new plant , but I am requesting our Mr. C. E. Reed of Swainsboro to send you a photograph if he has one on hand.

In Abbeville , South Carolina , we completed a remodeling job of our old plant building similar to what was accomplished at Washington, Georgia .  This remodeled plant was entirely equipped with new bottling machinery of the automatic type . I do not have a photograph of this remodeled plant , but I am sure our Mr. G. A. Sammon can furnish you with same and I am requesting him to do so.

Your form letter of November 28th was also sent to our Beaumont , Texas, plant and I am glad to advise that in 1931 we completed the construction of our new plant building , but during the present year we have found it necessary to build an addition , and also make changes which will give us considerably more office space . I do not have a photograph of this building , but I am requesting our Mr. E. C. Smith to forward one to you .  At the time our new plant was completed , we installed new machinery throughout and shortly after January lst , we will either install a second bottling unit in the Beaumont plant , or we will decide to build and equip a Coca-Cola bottling plant in Port Arthur , Texas .  Port Arthur is now being served out of Beaumont by transport trucks .

I am sure that you already have several pictures of our new plants including some of those mentioned above .  If there is any additional information which I can furnish , I will be very glad to cooperate with you.

Hoping things are moving along very nicely and trusting tbat I will have the pleasure of seeing you in Pensacola real soon,  I am with kindest regards,


Kindest Regards

From Pensacola Journal 8.24.1941 photo

August, 1941

Photo provided by Steve Langham, Pensacola Coca-Cola

Photo provided by Steve Langham, Pensacola Coca-Cola