Spartanburg Coca-Cola was founded in 1902 when R.A. Douglas signed an agreement to bottle and sell Coca-Cola in Upstate South Carolina. Bottling operations began on March 3, 1903, in the back room of a cigar and candy store in the Spartan Inn building in downtown Spartanburg.  When the Spartan Inn burned in 1910, operations moved to an industrial building behind the original location. In 1913, a modern plant that included a barn and facilities to care for the horses that pulled the delivery wagons, was built on Trimmier Street.

In the early 1930’s Spartanburg Coca-Cola had outgrown the Trimmier Street facility. James Frank Collins, an accomplished architect who designed the Masonic Temple in downtown Spartanburg, the original Spartanburg General Hospital, Andrews Field House at Wofford College, Andrews Hall at Converse College, and Duncan Park Stadium, was hired to designed a new bottling plant. In 1936,  Spartanburg Coca-Cola  moved to its current location on 500 West Main Street.

On October 4,1977 Spartanburg Coca-Cola introduced the 2Liter polyethylene terephthalate or “P.E.T.”  bottle to the soft drink industry. Red Clark led the team that developed production and marketing strategies for the package that would become the industry standard.

Today, Spartanburg Coca-Cola serves Spartanburg and Laurens counties.

Spartanburg Coca-Cola and it’s 105 + employees are proud of our continued support of the many civic and charitable organizations serving our communities.