Coca-Cola Polar Bear, St Pattys Day, First Responders, West Point Coca-Cola

Polar Bears & Shamrocks on the Hooch

  The Coca-Cola Polar Bear helped celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in West Point’s “St. Patty’s Day on the River” event, an annual celebration on the Chattahoochee (“Hooch”) River in West Point, GA.,…   Read More

F4 Tornadoes, East Alabama, Montgomery Coca-Cola, Columbus Coca-Cola, Support

Our communities in Lee County, Alabama

On Sunday afternoon, deadly tornadoes ripped through east Alabama, as well as parts of Georgia and Florida.  The path of destruction from the EF-4, with 170 mile an hour winds, was at…   Read More

MCLB Celebrates Black History Month

On July 2, 1943 Lt. Charles B. Hall and his squadron were escorting U.S bombers over Sicily, Italy when a German fighter plane was sighted. It was then that Lt. Charles B….   Read More