Executive Leadership

  • Conrad Rafield for web

    Conrad W. Rafield III

    Chairman of the Board
  • Coca-Cola Bottling Co UNITED-02-2021-Kristin_Boyer_IMG-1419-Edit ELT

    Mike Suco

    President and CEO
  • Hafiz Chandiwalla for web

    Hafiz F. Chandiwala

    Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer
  • Lucas Gambino for web

    Lucas Gambino

    Senior Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and Secretary
  • Susanne Hall web2

    Susanne Hall

    Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer
  • Gianetta Jones 2022 for web

    Gianetta Jones

    Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer
  • 7-Eric-Steadman-175×245-c

    Eric Steadman

    Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • taylor-b

    Bo Taylor

    Senior Vice President, Operational Transformation
  • clark-m

    Melanie Clark

    Vice President, Corporate Marketing
  • jon d for web

    Jon DeWaard

    Vice President, Tax
  • Neil Favre for web

    Neil Favre

    Vice President, Controller
  • Billy Johnson copy2

    Billy Johnson

    Vice President, Warehouse Operations
  • Crawford Jones for web

    Crawford J. Jones

    Vice President, East Region
  • Mike Lurker2 for web

    Mike Lurker

    Vice President and Chief Supply Chain Officer
  • Scott_McCallister_03 crop web

    Scott McCallister

    Vice President, West Region
  • Ernie-Merritt-for-web

    Ernie Merritt

    Vice President, Central Region
  • Craig Neely for web

    Craig Neely

    Vice President and Treasurer
  • nielsen-b

    Beeland Nielsen

    Vice President, Commercial Capabilities and Chief Information Officer
  • Grant-Rafield-for-web

    Grant Rafield

    Vice President, Manufacturing Operations
  • Norm Ross red tie for web

    Norman H. Ross Jr.

    Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications
  • sours-d

    David Sours

    Vice President, On Premise
  • Chip-Sutter-for-web

    Chip Sutter

    Vice President, Customer Management and Revenue Growth