Suppliers Are Our Partners

For more than 100 years Coca-Cola UNITED has been committed to holding ourselves and our suppliers to the highest standards of our core values: Quality, Excellence, Integrity, and Respect. Our relationships with our suppliers are closely connected to the quality of our own products and services. As such, we seek to build strong partnerships with those suppliers who provide the best value proposition through consistent supply of quality services and materials, innovations, and cost competitive performance. We expect our suppliers to conduct their business in a way that upholds our core values.

In support of our business mission, a large number of capable suppliers are needed to ensure that UNITED can reliably deliver Coca-Cola products to the store shelves.

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Fernando (The Coca-Cola Company) and Mike (Coca-Cola United) attending the NMSDC Conference.

Supplier Diversity

We also value Supplier Diversity which aligns with UNITED’s goals for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and is reflective of the diverse communities where we live and work and conduct business. This diversity is a strength that allows us to serve our many communities and customers to the highest levels. UNITED is committed to promoting its Supplier Diversity Program to engage and responsibly foster additional business with qualified diverse-owned suppliers. This can only be achieved through increased exposure and access to qualified diverse-owned business offering solutions that meet UNITED’s business needs. Our Supplier Diversity Program is a strategic business endeavor requiring the same value proposition (quality, service, cost, performance and innovation) expected of any supplier.

Terms and Conditions

At UNITED, a diverse-owned business or Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) is defined as a for-profit enterprise, regardless of size, physically located in the United States or its trust territories, which is owned, operated and controlled by designated diverse group members. Diverse group members are United States citizens who are African American, Asian Indian, Asian Pacific, Hispanic, Native American, Service-Disabled Veteran, Veteran, LGBTQ and Women. Ownership means that the business is at least 51% owned by such individuals and the management and daily operations are controlled by those individuals.   A third-party certification or UNITED’s qualification process is required for recognition as a diverse business.   

Coca-Cola Company and Bottler teams meeting with attendees at the NMSDC Conference.

Suppliers Are Our Partners

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