“Arctic Home” | Polar Bear Conservation

“Arctic Home” Generates over $2 Million in Donations

for Polar Bear Conservation

North America, April 18, 2012

ATLANTA – Coca-Cola and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) today announce the successful conclusion of the first year of the “Arctic Home” campaign. The effort, which introduced limited edition “Arctic Home” Coca-Cola cans, launched last October to help protect the polar bears? home. Supporters in the U.S. and Canada were asked to join the campaign by making donations to WWF and spreading awareness for Arctic conservation.

After the first year of Arctic Home, over $2 million has been donated to WWF. This includes the $1.8 million raised by fans and Coca-Cola from the campaign, as well as the $400,000 Year 1 installment of Coke’s 5-year, $2 million commitment. This represents a significant step toward WWF?s goal of raising approximately $10 million to create a safe haven for polar bears in the high Arctic.

“As the Arctic goes, so goes the polar bear,” said Carter Roberts, President and CEO of World Wildlife Fund. “Precious polar bear habitat is disappearing at an alarming rate, and without intervention, so will this magnificent bear. The success of Arctic Home gives me hope for the polar bear?s future.”

The polar bear has been a beloved Coca-Cola icon since 1922, and this campaign is Coke?s way of helping to preserve its Arctic habitat. Earlier this year, Coke introduced new polar bear ads during the Super Bowl, further underscoring their affection and commitment to the polar bear.  For WWF, the polar bear is a “flagship species,” as its struggle for survival represents the changing Arctic environment. WWF has a vision to work with local residents to manage an area high in the Arctic where the summer sea ice will likely persist the longest.  “Thank you to all who were inspired to reach into their own pockets and donate to help our well-loved icon, the polar bear,” said Katie Bayne, President and General Manager, Sparkling Beverages for Coca-Cola North America. “We are proud that our fully integrated ‘Arctic Home’? campaign helped people learn about polar bears and the need to protect their home.”


“Arctic Home” extended Coca-Cola’s support of WWF’s polar bear conservation efforts and built upon their global partnership focused on freshwater conservation.  The campaign is another expression of Coca-Cola’s Live Positively philosophy: to make a positive difference in the world through sustainable business practices.  In honor of Earth Month, Coca-Cola is continuing to promote sustainability and encourage water stewardship by donating rain barrels to local communities across the U.S. and supporting park, beach and river clean ups. Coke and WWF encourage all their fans to continue helping the environment by actively supporting their local communities, otherwise known as their “homes.”


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