Tyrone Prothro signs for hours without a break!

Dollar General Grand Opening, Hackleburg, Al., former Alabama Football Player and ESPY Award winner Tyrone Prothro signed for over two hours straight … without a break.

West Alabama Coca-Cola supports business and community . . .

Dollar General Store Manager, Roger McLean writes Coca-Cola representative Glenn Arnette:

“The day was a success from beginning to end. With over 75 customers in line before 8:00 am, the most important thing was the lasting impression you [Coca-Cola] help leave with the people of this small town, that is priceless.


Without your partnership and support throughout the day,

we would not have been able to pull this off.


There is no doubt Tyrone was the main attraction, he was generous with his autographs and a very personable person.  Everyone enjoyed meeting and talking to him.


Thanks for all the support you provided.”