First Ever Powerade Share Leader!

August 21, 2012

In August, 2012, in Atlanta, Georgia, Baton Rouge Coca-Cola, a division of Coca-Cola Bottling Company United, Inc. and Headquarters for our Gulf Region, was recognized as the FIRST EVER “POWERADE SHARE LEADER” award.


“Coca-Cola Bottling Company United has been an amazing partner on that [building the POWERADE® brand] 20 year journey – from the very earliest days of building the brand, one bottle at a time in markets across your territory.

This evening I would like to congratulate Coca-Cola United for achieving market share leadership in the Baton Rouge Division for POWERADE® in 2011…65%. Your results are an inspiration to our entire system …

To memorialize this great accomplishment, please accept this trophy as a statement of our appreciation for Coca-Cola United’s outstanding commitment to the POWERADE business. The inaugural trophy marks the establishment of a new program entitled “POWERADE SHARE LEADERS”. This program was inspired by your accomplishment and will serve as motivation for other bottlers and markets to strive to achieve the same results. We look forward to a succession of markets joining you in securing market share leadership.

As always, thank you. I truly value your partnership and commitment to the Coca-Cola business.”
J. Alexander M. Douglas, Jr.
Coca-Cola North America