Even More Bold Steps for a Healthy & Active Lifestyle

Walker Jones, Community Relations Director for Coca-Cola United writes . . .

Our Coca-Cola System takes even more bold steps to tackle obesity. These steps along with our School Beverage Guidelines, “Clear on Calories” messaging on packaging and development of our “Zero” brands are just some of the things Coca-Cola is doing to promote a “health, active lifestyle.” Spread the word!

Steve Callihane, President and CEO of Coca-Cola Refreshments announces . . .

Today, our Company took another bold step in tackling obesity by driving home the message that understanding energy balance and leading an active, healthy lifestyle is the way forward. I was honored to represent our 100,000 North America system associates as I joined fellow members of the beverage industry to announce a first-of-its-kind partnership with the cities of Chicago and San Antonio.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro, along with representatives from the American Beverage Association (ABA), The Coca-Cola Company, PepsiCo and Dr Pepper Snapple Group, came together in Chicago to outline the details of our joint efforts.

Together, we’re encouraging the citizens of Chicago and San Antonio to be more physically active and make informed choices through:

1) A city-to-city wellness challenge. The ABA Foundation will fund a $5 million “wellness challenge” between the city employees of Chicago and San Antonio. Mayors Emanuel and Castro are clearly committed to reducing obesity in their communities and to promoting the principles of energy balance. Specifically, through Chicago’s “Chicago Lives Healthy” and San Antonio’s “Three Month HealthPOWER Weight Loss Challenge,” these mayors are already doing their part to help improve the wellness of their employees. They are setting an example for the nation on how to motivate people to embrace balanced diets and active lifestyles. Coca-Cola is proud to support these efforts and we will showcase our partnership as part of our own programs to promote energy balance and active, healthy living.

2) A new Calories Count™ Vending Program. Part of understanding the importance of energy balance is getting the right information fast. This new vending program will give people the choices, information and encouragement they need to choose beverages that are right for themselves and their families. Starting in 2013, Coca-Cola vending machine labels in both cities will feature calorie information for each beverage selection. Messaging will remind consumers that all calories count and promote lower calorie beverages. Following this launch, Coca-Cola will work with government leaders, restaurant operators, vending machine companies and other customers to increase availability of lower-calorie beverages in vending machines and to add calorie labels to buttons on vending machines to show calorie counts per beverage container. The Calories Count™ Vending Program will be rolled out across the U.S. beginning next year.

Coca-Cola is committed to making calorie information more transparent and partnering with customers and cities to promote active, healthy, balanced lifestyles.

This collaboration announced today exemplifies the potential that exists when business and government work together. In fact, we’ve seen successful outcomes with initiatives such as front-of-pack calorie labeling, school beverage guidelines and our long-standing support for vital physical activity programs.

The Coca-Cola Company is proud to be a recognized leader in this space and we remain committed to the health of our communities.

As Coca-Cola Ambassadors, you can amplify our positive story in your communities by reinforcing the importance of an active, healthy lifestyle. In addition, here are a few more things you can do:

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  • Visit the We’re Delivering Choices coalition website to learn more.

We’re enthusiastic about the opportunity for programs like these to expand across the country. As they do, you can be assured that Coca-Cola will be front and center, helping to lead the way.  –  Steve Cahillane