Together for good

December 21, 2012


In a message to Coca-Cola system associates Steve Callihane, President and Chief Executive Officer, Coca-Cola Refreshments of The Coca-Cola Company, writes . . .

I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say that I am proud to work for The Coca-Cola Company and to be a part of the Coca-Cola system family.  We all know Coca-Cola has a long history of working with others to create positive change and the wonderful things our Company and bottling partners do every day in communities throughout North America.

As we head into the holidays, I wanted to share with you a video that hopefully will inspire you and remind you of the great things our brands, Company and system are doing to bring people together and to promote balanced lifestyles. Whether we’re connecting families over moments of happiness, partnering with community leaders to create fitness programs or uniting volunteers to rebuild local parks, we’ve always believed that we can make the greatest impact when we work together.


Please enjoy this video and share it widely and with pride with your family and friends. It is the first in a series we are developing for our associates, system partners and stakeholders to tell the world what we already know: Coca-Cola is the world’s greatest company.

Thank you for all you do each day as Coca-Cola Ambassadors.


Please enjoy this inspiring video from your friends at Coca-Cola.