Keep Pensacola Beautiful + Coca-Cola Partnership

At Coca-Cola, we know we’re only as strong as the communities we serve—that’s why we’re committed to sustainability and to making a positive difference in local communities in four main areas: sustainable packaging and recovery, water stewardship, climate protection, and sustainable agriculture. 

Our goal is to do our part in creating a world without waste by collecting and recycling a bottle or can for every one we sell. By the year 2030, we want to make all of our packaging 100% recyclable and our bottles with an average of 50% recycled content. We want to give back to communities, and to nature, with one drop of water for every drop used in our beverages. Across our value chain, we aim to reduce the carbon footprint of the drink in your hand by 25% by the year 2020. We also want to reduce the farm-level environmental impacts of the ingredients used in our beverages. 

How will we reach our goals? Through strong partnerships. With our partnership with Keep Pensacola Beautiful (KPB), we’re that much closer to a more sustainable, more beautiful future. 

When you partner with Coca-Cola, everyone benefits. We offer discounted pricing for all our products, an annual donation of 100 cases for events, 35% commissions earned on all vending sales, and sampling opportunities at mutually agreed upon events every year. We also offer the equipment to keep your drinks cold, at no cost to you. 

For our partnership’s marketing needs, Coca-Cola will offer logo availability on Keep Pensacola Beautiful property activation, and on all community programs or events led by the KPB. We’ll also provide for any co-branded event print needs, which includes banners, window films, etc. Coca-Cola will also donate philanthropic support to help further support sustainability and environmental goals that we collectively share for Pensacola and the surrounding community. 

A big part of our partnership is signing on as a local corporate sponsor of Keep Pensacola Beautiful. Our job is to ensure that all Pensacola residents have access to recycling, and that they are recycling properly. We’ll participate in local clean-up events, as well as support recycling materials from the events. Our ongoing partnership also means communicating and informing the community about clean-up events, the impact of those events, and other recycling initiatives in the community. 

With strong community partnerships like this, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish. Interested in learning more? Contact us today.