Plant Bottle? Really? Really!

A bottle, of refreshing Coca-Cola, made partially from  . . . PLANTS?

Read the address to our bottling partners for the inside scoop on our continued efforts toward advancing plant-based technology!

Dear Bottling Partners:

The Coca-Cola Company announced today the launch of an exciting collaborative with Ford, Heinz, Nike, and P&G called the Plant PET Technology Collaborative (PTC).

The PTC effort aims to bring together non-competitive industry leaders who are focused on working together to accelerate the advancement of plant-based technology in order to produce 100% plant-based PET.

This is an exciting next step in the Company’s journey toward a plastic bottle made entirely from plants. It builds upon the success of PlantBottle® packaging which is partially made from plants and has a lower environmental impact than traditional PET plastic bottles. This collaborative gives us the opportunity to continue to demonstrate our leadership in this space and drive sustainable innovation through collaboration.

On June 5, also World Environment Day, we are celebrating the five year anniversary of our partnership with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to conserve freshwater resources around the world.



We have released our 2011 Annual Review, which documents partnership progress throughout the year. You can view the report here

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