UNITED’s epic transformation over 1,281 days

There are too many colleagues to thank each one individually for their role in making our years of explosive growth. Our transition plans, processes, and implementation were extremely intricate in nature and required the support and effort of all associates in some regard

However, it is necessary to acknowledge, with great gratitude, Will Goodwyn, Hafiz Chandiwala and Debbie Myles, and their respective Legal, Finance and Human Resources teams for working tirelessly through these years of explosive growth to assure all of our associates were integrated in the true style of Coca-Cola UNITED.


It’s astonishing- the magnitude of what our UNITED family accomplished together over a span of 1,281 days- in addition to continuing our daily operations and quality of service to our customers:

  • Coca-Cola UNITED more than tripled in size, from 2,900 associates to almost 10,000.
  • We went from 18 sales centers and three production facilities to 53 sales centers and nine production facilities.
  • Our customers increased from 50,000 to more than 150,000.
  • And, our volume of cases sold went from 64 million to more than 200 million.

An epic transformation in four years!

Well done Coca-Cola UNITED team! And to all our associates – new and legacy – here’s to a great future together!


With gratitude,

John Sherman
President & CEO
Coca-Cola Bottling Company UNITED