Coke is (still) it … with consumers


Marketers spend millions of dollars on logo design.

We [Ad Age]  asked Morning Consult to find out whether consumers agree with their choices.

But what happens if the best minds in design—or their clients, who make the final call—display a different sensibility than consumers?

In custom online research for Ad Age, Morning Consult asked 1,296 brand experts and 2,201 consumers who don’t work in marketing what they think of the best-known logos today.

They found some predictable agreements—and a few surprising divides.

Coca-Cola, Apple, Target and McDonald’s logos all ranked very high among both brand professionals and consumers, for example. But consumers love the Gerber baby, not a top 10 pick among branding pros. And marketers like the Twitter bird a lot more than the general population—”childish,” one consumer calls it.

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