Baton Rouge Celebrates Bicentennial with Commemorative Bottles

If there’s one thing Coca-Cola loves, it’s being a part of history. And when it comes to the great city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, we are honored to say we’ve been walking alongside them for more than 100 years — and this fall, we had the opportunity to celebrate with them during the Baton Rouge Bicentennial.

The Story Behind the Baton Rouge Bicentennial

On September 21, 1779, Governor-General Bernardo Vicente de Galvez and his troops fought against the British Fort at Baton Rouge as part of the American Revolution.

Galvez Plaza, located near the Old State Capital, is known as the approximate location where General Galvez camped and prepared for the attack on the British Fort. Before the troops marched on the Fort, General Galvez delivered an inspiring speech to the forces, which included Louisiana Militiamen and Spanish soldiers.

After his speech, General Galvez commanded his troops to fire cannons and march upon the Fort. Ultimately, the British commander, Col. Alexander Dixon, surrendered to Galvez and his men. Combined with the nearby surrender of the Fort near present-day Natchez, Mississippi, the surrender of the British Fort at Baton Rouge secured something essential for the American Colonies: the mighty Mississippi River.

Baton Rouge Celebrates Victory at the Fort

We love to celebrate stories of the American spirit, and Baton Rouge certainly did not disappoint with their reenactment of General Galvez’s march on the Fort. On September 24, 2017, the Baton Rouge Bicentennial was celebrated by multiple organizations, including the General Philemon Thomas Chapter of Sons of the American Revolution, the Baton Rouge Bicentennial Committee, the East Baton Rouge Parish Library, and many more.

The celebration was hosted by the Mayor-President of Baton Rouge, Sharon Weston Broome. Mayor-President Broome presented certificates to the SAR and DAR, and accepted the first Baton Rouge Bicentennial Coca-Cola glass commemorative bottle on behalf of the city.

Coca-Cola Loves Baton Rouge!

The story of the victory at the British Fort at Baton Rouge is worth celebrating — and there’s no better way than with a commemorative glass Baton Rouge Bicentennial bottle of Coca-Cola! We love helping people remember those who came before us and fought for our freedom, and we hope that the next time you drink a Coke, you’ll do just that. Drop by your local grocery store today and pick up your very own commemorative bottle.

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