Watch: The Coca-Cola Company: Reducing Sugar and Calories to Fight Obesity

In 2014, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, American Beverage Association (ABA) and the country’s top beverage companies announced a push to encourage greater interest in and access to lower- and no-calorie beverage options through the Balance Calories Initiative (BCI). The single-largest voluntary effort by an industry to help fight obesity aims to educate Americans about the low- and no-calorie beverage choices available to them, and to partner with retailers to diversify the drinks they offer.

Caren Pasquale Seckler, vice president of social commitment for Coca-Cola North America, recently shared a few insights from the first three years of the landmark partnership in a Medium blog post.

“Our work with our peers in the beverage industry is challenging us all to find new innovative ways to help people reduce the sugar and calories they get from beverages,” she writes. “This is good for both our industry and the communities, customers and consumers we serve.”

Source: Watch: How The Coca-Cola Company and its Competitors are Taking Calories and Sugar Out of Their Drinks: The Coca-Cola Company