Applying for a UNITED job opening? See “Frequently Asked Questions”

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I search for jobs? Click to search for jobs across six states


Now that I’ve applied, what happens next? We’ll send the Step One Survey to the email address you provided within two hours, and have 48 hours to complete it.
Make sure your email is correct before submitting your application. Check your spam if you don’t receive the survey within two hours.


What happens if I don’t complete the “Step One Survey” within 48 hours? Sorry, but in that case, your application will be disqualified for that position.


I’ve completed the “Step One Survey’, now what should I expect? At this point, our recruiting teams are checking out your qualifications. If your qualifications are the best fit for that position, then expect a call to set up a phone interview.


How long does it take to find out if I’m going to get a call?
We’ll strive to contact you within a few days, but our goal is to make contact within 10 days.


Will I be contacted if I’m not selected for a phone interview? Yes, candidates not chosen for a phone interview will be sent an email to let them know.


If I’m not chosen for the position I applied for, may I apply for other jobs?  Yes, we encourage you to watch our job board, set up alerts, and apply for those positions where your qualifications are a good fit.


What should I do to prepare for an interview? Do your research and have questions prepared for the interviewer. For a face to face interview, dress for success and impress.