New Orleans, LA: Saints Visit New Orleans Coca-Cola

Saints Rookie Class of 2018 visit New Orleans Coca-Cola Bottling Company

New Orleans, LA (July 19, 2018) — Coca-Cola Bottling Company UNITED Inc.’s very own New Orleans Coca-Cola Bottling Company rolled out the red carpet for the New Orleans Saints 2018 Rookie Class.

Rocky Weigand, the Crescent City Division Director, spoke to the 25 Saints guests about the history of Coca-Cola in New Orleans, as well as highlighted the important partnership between Coca-Cola and the Saints. The impact of the partnership goes further than just these two groups; spreading all the way from the heart of New Orleans to its surrounding cities.

Each player was seated at tables with ice cold Coca-Cola set before them, and Saints jerseys that pictured the Coca-Cola logo on the front. The Rookie Class and other Saints guests also received Coca-Cola goodie bags to welcome them to the facility.

The Saints logo could be seen all over the room where the players were seated. Coca-Cola Bottling Company UNITED Inc. wanted to express just how proud they were to be a Patron Saints Partner, which they have been since the team’s establishment in 1967.