Alexandria Share a Coke Day: May 2018

In celebration of National Share a Coke Day– The Coca-Cola Company’s ‘birthday’– each plant of Coca-Cola Bottling UNITED Inc. held events, contests, and giveaways for their local communities on May 8, 2018.

Alexandria Coca-Cola Bottling Company played its part in the celebration, just like other plants in the Coca-Cola Bottling UNITED Inc. family. They partnered with the Alexandria Coliseum where there were free Cokes, prizes to win, and Coca-Cola merchandise. They put out radio ads to promote this event and tell people in their communities to stop by for a Coke and some fun.

Like all of the Coca-Cola Bottling UNITED Inc. family, Alexandria Coca-Cola Bottling Co. was proud to serve its community and get people involved in National Share a Coke Day!