Empowering Women to Overcome Domestic Abuse, YWCA’s My Sister’s Closet and Birmingham Coca-Cola

YWCA's My Sister's Closet, Birmingham Coca-Cola

Women and children in our communities are suffering from emotional or physical abuse.  It’s common that the experiences of abuse can leave a deep sense of little to no self worth and confidence.  The severity of these inward scars are real and go deep. Trapped in an emotional rut, the high probability for making harmful decisions is overwhelmingly difficult to escape. The YWCA’s My Sister’s Closet understands these needs well and has a plan.

Thankfully, organizations like YWCA’s My Sister’s Closet work tirelessly to empower women to make positive changes toward well-being and regain control of their lives.

My Sister’s Closet is committed to equipping young women with free gently used clothing helping them to look their best in job interviews. We can relate to the potential of the “power suit” to help boost confidence. MSC also wants young women to experience every rite of passage one experiences in high school.  Free school apparel and prom dresses can impact one’s confidence and sense of inadequacy.  What seems to be a “small thing” can actually make a BIG difference and memories that last forever.

YWCA's My Sister's Closet, Birmingham Coca-Cola

YMCA’s My Sister’s Closet and Birmingham Coca-Cola: Engaging in Our Community for Change

We’re part of our community and, in various ways, dedicated to engaging in good things enabling positive change.  Our associates often combine their efforts and volunteer to support organizations, like YWCA’s My Sister’s closet, who know the needs and strategically address the issues with sustainable programs.

Through the volunteerism of our associates and other philanthropic efforts, we believe the “good things we do and are a part of” make a good difference. You can make a difference too.  See how you, or a group, can help by visiting YWCA’s My Sister’s Closet.