The Concept of SmartLabels

Coca-Cola SmartLabel

In a day and age where consumers are becoming increasingly involved in the products they purchase, the Grocery Manufacturers Association announced in 2015 plans to launch more transparency about what is in our food. As many people are becoming more aware of dietary restrictions and their health, the GMA has launched the SmartLabel initiative to offer information beyond what is printed on nutrition labels. All you have to do is whip out your phone, snap a pic of the QR code on the label, and your phone will pull up a detailed readout of what all went into the creation of that item.

It’s no wonder why a technologically forward company like Coca-Cola would be so quick to adopt this. Read on to learn more!

What Will a SmartLabel Tell You?

A traditional nutritional label on a soda can really only tell you basic facts about a beverage; the amount of sugar, sodium, etc. However, a SmartLabel can dive much deeper into the specifics involved in manufacturing that drink! This is especially useful for people with dietary restrictions or merely informed buyers.

Challenges Facing Implementation

Undergoing a complete label overhaul is no simple task. Every beverage and flavor has to have a specifically coded QR code identifying its ingredients. To expedite this process, Coca-Cola has committed their efforts to leading the pack by offering tips to industry giants to facilitate seamless implementation.

Transparency for the Customer

The SmartLabel initiative was created with the focus on the customer. As consumers scan more and more labels, manufacturers will be able to track what people are searching for the most, and continue to develop the means to educate. This new move towards informed buying will only foster a healthy and educated consumer base, putting the power of information in your hands.