DASANI Launches New Sustainable Packaging Initiative


DASANI has maintained its reputation as a recognized leader in sustainable innovation for over a decade, and hasn’t stopped trying to improve our world’s problems with plastic waste. More than 10 years ago, DASANI launched the world’s very first fully-recyclable packaging made partially from plants. Now, they’re propelling those actions to minimize their environmental impact while also building their brand. 

Introducing DASANI’s HybridBottle

The company’s global goal, “World Without Waste,” is made much closer by the unveiling of a pipeline of packaging innovations. 

Introducing the HybridBottle—50% plant-based, renewable, and recycled PET material. It builds on the original PlantBottle’s success by combining recycled content and plant-based material, effectively reducing the amount of virgin PET plastic used in their bottles. DASANI is also expanding their package offerings with new aluminum cans and bottles. 

The company is adding up to 100 next-generation PureFill units across the country, which are more efficient and scalable than ever, thanks to Coca-Cola Freestyle technology. But DASANI’s innovation doesn’t stop at packaging. Their goal is to properly educate people about recycling their bottles and cans, so everyone can do their part. New “How2Recycle” labels are set to debut on all DASANI packages. 

Plans for the Future

In the next five years, DASANI plans to remove 1 billion virgin PET bottles from the U.S. supply chain—at a minimum. We’re extremely proud of the leadership role DASANI has taken on in helping reduce our planet’s plastic waste. 

These innovative new packaging options will begin rolling out across the United States later this year, and on into 2020.